Mr Ian Bradford


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 1991

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 1996

Fellow of the combined Royal Colleges of Great Britain and Ireland 2003

Positions held:

Lead Clinician for Laparoscopic Surgery

Lead Clinician for Colorectal Cancer

Lead Clinician (Surgical) for Endoscopy

Lead Clinician for Colorectal Service Improvement


Consultant in General Surgery and Coloproctology

-          York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 2004

-          Nuffield Hospital York 2004

Senior Clinical Tutor

-          Hull York Medical School 2005

General Surgery and Coloproctology Expert Witness

-          Ian Bradford Medicolegal 2009

Honorary President

-          Ileostomy Association (York) 2011

Surgical Specialist Advisor

-          United Drug Medical 2012

A brief Biography:

Mr Bradford trained as a surgeon in Yorkshire and in the North East Deanery. His MD thesis research into Ulcerative Colitis was undertaken at Newcastle University. Mr Bradford’s special interest in laparoscopic surgery saw him undertake a one-year fellowship in laparoscopic colorectal surgery in Hong Kong, where after he was appointed as Consultant Surgeon at York. This technique of laparoscopic surgery remains his area of interest: he is actively involved in training existing consultants and the next generation of surgeons.

Mr Ian Bradford MBBCh, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Gen Sur)

Consultant in Coloproctology and General Surgery, Nuffield Hospital York and York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Mr Bradford is Registered with the following organisations: The British Medical Association, The General Medical Council (Reg No 3647123), The Royal College of Surgeons of England, The European Society for Coloproctology, The York Medical Society.



Birgitta - Practice Manager



                     For all general enquiries, results of investigations and account information

Birgitta has a background in nursing and she is very familiar with the working practices, procedures and conditions treated by Mr Bradford. Wherever possible, Birgitta will answer your enquiries but she cannot give you medical advice or medical opinion. Birgitta works flexibly and part-time on Monday-Friday, between 09h00-17h00, and her office is not based at the hospital. Birgitta will liaise directly with staff at the hospital to co-ordinate your outpatient and inpatient care. Due to the nature of a surgeon's work, it is not always possible for her to interrupt Mr Bradford to get answers to your queries, but she will endeavour always to get a message through to him on the same working day.

Our Surgical Practice

Patients are seen at the Nuffield Hospital York where Mr Bradford rents rooms. Please note that the hospital and our surgical practice are separate entities. Similarly, medical services used by a surgeon, such as radiology and pathology, are separate practices from that of Mr Bradford's. It is not essential that you be referred by your GP, but be aware that some Healthcare Insurance companies will not cover your care costs if you did not get a referral from your GP. It is a professional courtesy between a surgeon and a GP to keep each other abreast of your medical problems, so we strongly encourage you to see your GP before seeking a surgeon's opinion.

Appointments are usually administered by the Outpatient Appointments office at the Nuffield Hospital (Tel 01904 715111). Our Practice Manager can also be contacted to arrange these appointments (Tel 01904 767074) and she should be contacted if you have any difficulty getting or keeping an appointment. New patient appointments are scheduled to last 30 minutes and follow-up appointments are scheduled to last 20 minutes. Due to the variability in the complexity of surgical problems, it is difficult to guarantee these times and not uncommonly do appointments exceed the allotted time: we apologise in advance if your consultation is not on time. Female patients will always be chaperoned by a female staff member during a physical examination, even if not intimate; male patients can also request a chaperone if desired. Please note that a chaperone is both for your reassurance and to protect the surgeon.

If you are advised to have surgery or a procedure, you will be given both the name of the procedure and the OPCS code that precisely identifies the procedure that you will be having. This code is needed by your Healthcare Insurer to authorise your treatment to go ahead. During your consultation you will be very comprehensively advised about your procedure by Mr Bradford. At the end of your consultation you will be asked to have a "Pre-op" assessment by a nurse, following which your operation Booking Form will be submitted to the Nuffield Hospital Theatre Bookings office who will look at dates on which the theatre is able to accommodate you. You will first be contacted by them telephonically, usually within 48 hours of your consultation, to be offered some dates. Once a date is verbally agreed a letter confirming this date will follow. Most operations and procedures can take place between 1-4 weeks after a decision to carry these out has been made, though at certain times this might increase to 4-6 weeks e.g. when on-call commitments AND annual leave combine.

Like most Consultants, Mr Bradford is a full-time employee in the NHS and he is permitted through his employment contract to undertake private practice work on a limited basis, usually amounting to no more than 10% of his NHS time. Consequently, private consultations and surgery are not available every day of the week or necessarily during "normal" working hours only. Similarly, private work is not carried out when the surgeon is on-call for the NHS - in Mr Bradford's case this includes 2 weeks in every 10 week cycle. We ask that you understand this when planning your appointments or your operations through the Bookings Office. 


Mr Bradford is a highly qualified medical professional who specialises in surgery. Your consultation with him, any medical services provided for you by him or any treatment provided by him to you is a professional service for which a professional fee can be charged. For a guide to his consultation fees, please contact the Nuffield Hospital York, or Birgitta, who will gladly advise you of these. If any additional fees for service are applicable e.g. Fixed Price or "Pay for your Own" contracts, you will be advised of these in advance. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU, AS THE RECIPIENT OF THAT ADVICE OR CARE, ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SETTLEMENT OF ANY REASONABLE INVOICE RAISED BY MR BRADFORD AGAINST PROFESSIONAL SERVICES PROVIDED TO YOU. Whilst we are happy to forward your invoice to your insurer, any delay or shortfall in payment is a matter between yourself and your insurer: we shall not enter into dialogue with them about unpaid accounts. We give generous payment conditions including reminder notices and we ask that you respect this and reflect on the fact that unlike some practices we do not seek payment upfront. We reserve the right to charge interest for late payment, to involve Debt Recovery agents and to pursue non-payment through the Courts.